Archaeology Confirms the Bible

The Good book contains 66 books composed north of a 1500-year timeframe by 44 unique writers. The validness of its accounts and of individuals that lived in its set of experiences has been verified by the disclosure of the Dead Ocean Looks in 1948. The parchments date back to 150-170 BC and contain all or portions of the Hebrew Scriptures books aside from the book of Esther. Numerous different revelations have justified many subtleties of the Good book that had been laughed at by higher pundits:

The Cyrus Chamber, found in 1879, records Cyrus’ defeat of Babylon and his ensuing redemption of the Jewish hostages.

The Rosetta Stone,discovered in 1799 in Egypt by Napoleon’s researchers, was written in three dialects: hieroglyphics, demotic, and Greek. It opened the secret of the hieroglyphics which have affirmed the legitimacy of the Book of scriptures.

The Moabite Stone found in 1868 at Dibon, Jordan, affirmed Moabite assaults on Israel as kept in 2 Rulers 1 and 3.

The Lachish Letters, found in 1932-1938, 24 miles north of Beersheba, portrayed the assault of Nebuchadnezzar on Jerusalem in 586 BC.

Archeological Unearthings

The Good book’s genuineness is likewise what is the abomination of desolation confirmed by archeological unearthings that demonstrate the presence of names of individuals and urban communities viewed as in the Holy book. The revelation of the city of Petra, for instance, affirmed the realness of the Good book’s record.

Furthermore, a significant number of the Holy book’s predictions have proactively worked out. Predictions concerning Babylon (Isaiah 13:19-22), Tire (Ezekiel 26:3-5), Sidon (Ezekiel 28:21-23), Cyrus (Ezra 4:3; 5:13-14; Isaiah 44:28; 45:1), Medo Persia (Daniel 8:20-21), Greece (Daniel 8:20-21), and Jesus’ origin Bethlehem (Micah 5:2) have all been satisfied precisely as anticipated. These satisfied predictions are an incredibly amazing contention for the reliability of the Good book. They imply that we can believe the predictions concerning the Antichrist and opposite end-time predictions.

Solidarity of Sacred writing

One more proof of the Good book’s motivation is tracked down in its strong solidarity. In excess of 3000 spots, the Good book pronounces itself roused. It doesn’t go against itself.

The predictions of the Book of scriptures in cases like Babylon, Tire, Petra, and Egypt, as well as the Messianic predictions, justify the Book of scriptures’ genuineness.

The Book of scriptures has endure hundreds of years and even centuries. Regardless of the multitude of endeavors of Satan to conceal it, annihilate it, and make it distant to the normal individual, the Good book has been saved by God.

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